Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Pallet Christmas Tree

We had so many requests from family members to make these really cute Pallet Christmas Trees. Our family knows we collect pallets whenever we can & love to make tons of cool things from them. We had a few pallets laying around (completely free & everyone has them to get rid of--if they're not advertised, you can ask your local grocery stores, furniture stores, warehouses or factories--they want them out of their sight & we get free wood for projects!) We then began to make the cutest, rustic pallet trees! There are so many options to design them, but this is what we chose to do.

First, separate the boards, and then cut them to shape

Make sure you pull out all of the nails first!

After the boards are cut, nail them together
After they're put together, they are ready to paint

Painted and drying off. Voila!

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