Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grocery Shopping for the Month/ November

November 1, 2015

Hope you all Remembered to Turn your clocks back last night & are Enjoying your Autumn. Autumn, for my family means so many things: Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking, Jumping in the leaves after meticulously raking them for hours, cold nights by the fireplace, reading a book, playing board games, sitting by the firepit outside wrapped in blankets & drinking tea while our son entertains us with his mad skills on his guitar, baking, comforting meals with tons of leftovers, watching movies as a family, planning for the Holidays & enjoying Halloween & Thanksgiving with extended family. Times have changed. We have a Junior in College & a High School Freshman. But we still enjoy time together when we can. We are so Blessed that our children still want spend time with us.
We're trying to start grocery shopping for the month & cooking our meals ahead of time. I have read many Pinterest pins & blogs from people who do this very thing & it's very Inspiring! I have decided to challenge myself for real this time & do this. It's going to be difficult seeing as we're in the month with Thanksgiving! I won't be cooking this meal until the day before. I am hoping to stay in the budget of $550 for the month of November. I will post on December 1st how it all turned out & break it down the best I can. Feel free to leave any tips! :) Grocery shopping is where my family has to cut back tremendously! We have a lot of special circumstances as well:  my son is vegan, my husband & I used to be, but we still eat Turkey & fish, but that's the extent of meat products for us. I am also living with Celiac Disease, so I have to eat a strict Gluten Free Diet. I have found some great recipes, but Budgeting is very difficult. I'm going to try this month. Our Favorite Stores to shop are Aldis, Super Walmart, Price Rite &Stop & Shop. We also frequent our local grocery stores like Big Y & Adams IGA, I've started to shop for certain items on Amazon & through a local Co-op for specialty items. I'll let you know how it all works out.
How do you save with groceries? What are your favorite tips?

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